HydraFacial Toronto

Hydrafacial treats a wide variety of skin conditions men and women encounter, without surgery and downtime. Signs of aging, loss of collagen and skin impurities can all be treated with a relaxing 30-minute Hydrafacial treatment toronto.

Hydrafacial involves zero injections, does not damage skin tissue and offers instant results. The treatment is not only pain-free, but relaxing. In as little as 30 minutes you can improve the look of your skin tone and elasticity. Visible skin refinement along with even toned skin can be seen after just one treatment.

Why Hydrafacial?

  • Minimizes enlarged pores
  • Extracts impurities
  • Treats oily or acne-prone skin
  • Rids hyperpigmenation & brown spots
  • Cleanses, tones and hydrates
  • Removes dead skin
  • No downtime no discomfort
  • Can be done in 30 minutes
  • Immediate visible results
  • Most skin types suitable
  • Address specific skin concerns
  • Most powerful non-invasive treatment
  • This highly sought resurfacing system is so gentle that you can comfortably relax throughout the entire procedure. The 5 step process begins with cleansing and exfoliation, eliminating dead skin cells and revealing glowing new skin hidden underneath. During the following steps, an acid peel is applied and the vortex suction removes the loosened debris from pores. The final steps of the Hydrafacial involve infusing the skin with antioxidant serums and hyaluronic acid through the patented Vortex-Fusion, the most sophisticated method of delivering these nutrients to skin cells.

    Our skin is exposed to free radicals, including sunlight, pollutants and toxins, which damage skin, resulting in premature aging. If you suffer with hyper-pigmentation from sun damage or aging, acne, wrinkles, blackheads, or clogged pores, the Hydrafacial can progressively transform your skin to eliminate troubles and reveal a fresh, beautiful face.